Anonymous asked:
Hope you and the baby are well! Have you guys thought of names yet?

The baby and I are perfect! We are having a little girl and are naming her Emma. (:

So I’m dying for a job that allows me to work week days. I would love to get my cna before I have my baby and work in a doctors office of some type. Once I have my baby I won’t be working for a while and can then get my lpn degree then move to rn. I just need a day job that pays about $10 an hour until I can get my degrees. I can’t work nights anymore once I have my baby and the thought of a daycare scares me nowadays. Working days allows my evenings off with my baby and Adam and 1 day a week where we need someone to watch our little one. They’ve made loans so hard to get now and with this government shut down I’m afraid I won’t get anything.